Watch as local chefs meet up with BC dairy farmers to talk about what really matters to them - food, family, and community. Through these conversations, the chefs get to know the people behind the product, and create a signature dish, inspired by farmers.


Inspired by Mark


Chef Robert Belcham from Campagnolo creates a dish inspired by BC dairy farmer Mark Ricka. Robert visits Mark’s farm and they discuss the importance of quality ingredients and being connected to the community.


Inspired by Mickey


Chef Lee Cooper from L’Abattoir creates a dish inspired by BC dairy farmer Mickey Aylard. Lee visits Mickey’s farm and they talk about the importance of caring for the animals and how they want to leave things better for future generations.


“99.9% of the time, the best ingredients come from our backyard.”

Chef Robert Belcham, Campagnolo


Recipes, inspired by farmers


Chicken Roasted in Milk & Herbs


Recipe by: Chef Robert Belcham, Campagnolo

Inspired by: BC Dairy Farmer Mark Ricka

Poached Egg in a Cream Sauce with Mushrooms

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Recipe by: Chef Lee Cooper, L'Abattoir

Inspired by: BC Dairy Farmer Mickey Aylard


“Like any industry, you have to invest in the future.”

bc dairy farmer mark ricka


 Meet the Farmers & Chefs


Mark Ricka

In 1915, Mark’s grandparents began dairy farming in Chilliwack, BC. His family has been working to produce healthy food in the same community for over one hundred years. Mark is proud to work closely with his family members and is passionate about investing in the future for the next generation.


chef Robert Belcham

Robert Belcham opened Campagnolo in 2008 and was awarded Chef of the Year at the 2009 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. He currently has two other restaurants, Monarch Burger and most recently Popina on Granville Island. Robert spends much of his time sourcing top-quality regional products. He’s happy to go the extra mile knowing it means he’s supporting local producers and bringing the best quality ingredients into his kitchen.


Mickey Aylard

Mickey is a fourth-generation dairy farmer working on her family’s farm on Vancouver Island, BC. She grew up in the same farmhouse that both her dad and grandpa grew up in. After university, she returned home to carry on the family’s legacy of producing high quality milk for their local community.


chef Lee Cooper

Chef Lee Cooper of L’Abattoir is one of the most creative culinary minds in Vancouver. After doing stints at Michelin-starred restaurants in the U.S. and Europe, he worked his magic at The Pear Tree and Market by Jean-Georges, before taking the lead at L’Abattoir. There, he creates relatable, modern food.


“Dad taught me how to care for animals, and his Dad taught him. It’s our legacy.”

bc dairy farmer mickey aylard